Capitalize on the Shifting Market


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Discover the simple way to flip houses in or around Connecticut

You DON'T Need:

  • Cash or credit
  • Any experience
  • Much time

You DO Need:

  • Desire to succeed
  • Internet connection
  • Attend this class

What You're Going to Learn

  • How to Flip a House as Quickly as Possible
  • 6 Simple Steps to Flipping Your First House
  • Do This in Your Spare-Time While Working
  • 5 Potential Obstacles and How to Overcome
  • No Money, Credit or Experience is Needed
  • Get a Free Gift Worth $249 For Attending
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Why NOW Is The Time To Flip Houses

Profits per flip rose to
an average...
Number of residential flips
hit an 11-year high...
The average gross flipping
return on investment...

Your First Flip Instructors

Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber is the founder and CEO of Clever Investor and a house-flipping genius. Throughout his career, he has flipped over 1,000 homes and had a ton of fun throughout the process. His #1 passion is teaching others how to break through limiting beliefs and road blocks, shorten their learning curve, and make it big in real estate investing even faster than he did. His team specializes in helping individuals close their first flip, and then take their businesses to the next level.

Cody and his team have helped literally thousands of individuals close their first flip, and they can’t wait for the next one to be you!

Ken & Anita Corsini

Ken and Anita Corsini are the founders of Red Barn Homes, LLC. Having started the business in 2005, they have bought and sold over 800 houses in Metro Atlanta since this time, and now host a popular house-flipping show on the #1 Home Network on TV.

Since starting the business, Ken has spoken around the country and has written numerous real estate articles for real estate sites such as BiggerPockets.com and Realtor.com. He is also the host of the popular real estate investing podcast – The Deal Farm.

Anita believes any home can be transformed into something beautiful, and is willing to go the extra mile to make it a warm and inviting environment for someone to love.

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